Secondary School English Tuition

Our experienced English tutors will evaluate and develop key English skills with your child, including: 

Spelling and Grammar
Reading age
Creative writing
Approach to exam questions 

New students to the centre are first assessed in their chosen subject areas to identify learning level and any knowledge gaps. The initial assessment is personalised to each student based on the introductory conversation with parents or guardians.

Our GCSE English assessments test reading comprehension and essay writing, key skills required by all GCSE English exam boards, and will be marked by a senior English teacher. The results will be used by our specialist to plan a programme of work to suit the student and ensure their success.

Our Key Stage 3 assessments will assess comprehension, reading accuracy, spelling age and grammar, and in some cases may ask for a short piece of writing.

We offer a unique package to Key Stage 3 students (school years 7 to 9). Dependent on assessment outcomes, a child may receive Maths tuition, English tuition or a blend of the two subjects at no additional cost.

At GCSE level, subjects must be taken separately due to the detailed nature of the subject and so that we can assign the best specialist teacher to our students. 

Listen to our English expert talk about English tuition at Kip McGrath Walkden: 

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