Our qualified primary school teachers are experts in their field, with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the UK Primary level curriculum. Lessons will be carefully planned to cover any areas of missed learning, knowledge gaps and to motivate and challenge young students. Our approachable teachers create a warm, positive learning space and ensure that every child receives the care and attention they need to progress.

We offer a unique package to primary level students. Dependent on assessment outcomes, your child may receive Maths tuition, English tuition or a blend of the two subjects at no additional cost.
New students to the centre are first assessed in their chosen subject areas to identify learning level and any knowledge gaps. The initial assessment is personalised to each student based on the introductory conversation with parents or guardians. At primary level, children will be assessed in Maths, English or both and reading age will be assessed in all areas. This is because reading level can be the factor preventing a child from accessing a subject, rather than the subject content itself.
A typical English assessment will assess comprehension, reading accuracy, spelling age and grammar, and in some cases may ask for a short piece of writing.

A typical Maths assessment will assess basic number skills, times tables and application of maths skills. 

Listen to our Primary level expert talk about Primary school tuition at Kip McGrath Walkden: 

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